Bitconnect Cease And Desist Order From State Of Texas?!?!

Cease And Desist Order From State Of Texas to Bitconnect. What does this mean for the future of Bitconnect?
Are they shutting down?

Here is the video that I mentioned.

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2 thoughts on “Bitconnect Cease And Desist Order From State Of Texas?!?!”

  1. I’m in Texas, and I signed up for a Bitconnect account a couple of weeks ago. I hadn’t started investing yet, but when I logged in today, I got this message: “The Texas State Securities Board has issued a cease and desist order aimed at Bitconnect and its affiliates in the state. At this time, we will not allow new lending from the State of Texas. Users that already have active lending will still be able to withdraw as usual.”

    So…Texas folks are being shut out right now. Hope they can get this overturned…

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